Bruin Shambrath


Bruin Shambrath
5th-level Human Ranger
Str 16
Int 15
Dex 18
Wis 14
Con 14
Cha 15
AC 0; MV 12; hp 38; AL CG;
Equipment: chain mail + I ; broad sword + I , flame tongue, +2 us. re-generating creatures, + 3 vs. cold-using, inflammable, or aviancreatures, + 4 us. undead; ring of the comet.

Bruin Shambrath is the eldest son of Gorath Shambrath and is sole heir
to the throne of Thesalys. Bruin is re-spected and admired. The general
opinion of Greatspace is that he will make an excellent ruler.

Bruin’s father, however, feels dif-ferently. Bruin lacks the military dis-
cipline that is common among the people of House Shambrath. He
holds open dislike for the drills and ceremonies of state that accompany
his office as prince of the people. Bruin also displays a great need
for personal freedom. Bruin has been known to disappear for weeks at a
time in the woodlands of Thesalys on hunting trips.

Bruin holds tremendous loyalty for Greatspace and a love for the peo-
ple. He intends to take the throne when his time comes and to adminis-
ter the position to the best of his ability. He does not, however, agree with
the strict disciplinary and military lifestyle that has been the hallmark
of House Shambrath. The success of Greatspace is attributed to that disci-
plined approach to life, and Bruin must admit this before he will ever be
a successful ruler.


Bruin Shambrath

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