Dar’Talon Rix

Rescued by the party from a prison on a world ruled by undead and lycanthropes. Over the years he rose to the position of Captain and led in the quest to return Bruin Shambrath to the throne of Greatspace.

Wielder of Longtooth and Shortfang early in his career and the weapon of legend, Valdus.

Art by Randy Eharb


I have gone by many names in my travels, I have earned titles and honours from men whom I called friend and I have faced perils that would cow the very Gods themselves.

I fought for what I believed in alongside others of the same mind; we were an adventurous lot, filled with the fire of youth and glorious purpose. Letters of marque were our license for mayhem, untold riches and fame were ours for the taking but through it all we we did what we
thought was right and just, never taking a life without good reason and never taking for granted our own mortality.

We stood together on the decks of mighty ships hurtling toward places unthought of by lesser men, battling for our very lives and that of those who depended on the strength of our arms and wits. We sang and drank and laughed when the Gods allowed, never forgetting the gift of camaraderie and always being there at the backs of our brother or sister in arms.

There came against us dark beings from the very depths of Hell’s own nightmares and twisted souls cursed with the thirst for the blood of the innocent; pirates, brigands, freebooters and scoundrels of every stripe…they all came and we met them head on. Our swords flashed in
the shadows of ancient keeps and fetid alleyways, our arcane spells and eldritch bolts crackling through dank, hollow rocks floating through the vastness of space.

Not all of us survived, such is the curse of battle, but I know that those worthies went to their reward comforted by the fact that they brought light to lands where none existed and died doing what they were born to do.

I have never regretted my life for one instant, never thought again of what might have been, my life was never mine…I have always belonged to the sword.

Duke Sir Rix
Ea’born of Apocalypse

Known as the ’Dar’Talon’

Dar’Talon Rix

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